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Overview of the IRTG Peer-to-peer year

December, 2022

The graduate program of SFB/TRR219 and especially the peer-to-peer program aims to bring together young scientists to enhance research quality by exchanging methods and discussing findings from different perspectives. After a COVID-induced break, the program's back with in-person events this year. We've had loads of Zoom meetings and videoconferences in 2020 and 2021, where we got to know each other's names, but this year, those names turned into actual work buddies and even friends.

To keep things interesting, we've mixed things up with scientific and social events, so we're not just staring at each other in a lecture. We've had experienced post-docs lead events like "Last steps before handing in thesis/defense" by Juliane Herrmann and Bilal Mir, "Graphical abstract design" by Marina Heuschkel, and swapping MD and PhD students. We've had experts like Konrad Hoeft give theoretical talks on Nephrology, and even hands-on workshops like the ECG practical course by Melina Stein and a lecture by Jonas Heyn.

But it's not all work, work, work. We've had a BBQ in the park, a "Rudi rockt" event, and ended the year with a game night complete with "Feuerzangenbowle." It's been a year of exciting events, where people have really connected, shared knowledge, advice, and strategies.

Rosanna, Camilla, Nicolas (P2P leadership team)


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