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Summer school 2023

From June 21-23, 2023, our SFB/TRR219 organized a summer school for MD/PhD students and postdocs. The summer school was held at the DJH Jugendherberge Eifel Gemünd Vogelsang in Schleiden with a fantastic view of the Urft a d Gemünd. 

The sessions of the summer school were organized and led by the students and postdocs themselves, so there were many possibilities for interaction and discussion. Thematically, mainly clinical basics were taught, methods were presented and discussed, and basics in complementary skills were shown. The method seminars, in particular, drew a lot of attention. Ideas on various ways were exchanged, as well as project assistance and collaborations were proposed. With no PIs present, the event seemed quite informal yet instructive. We students and postdocs chatted and shared information openly. Two keynote addresses by SFB graduates were notable highlights of the Summer School. Dr. Marieke Sternkopf addressed IP and Start-up Support Structures, while Anika Himmelsbach highlighted her journey from academic to industry research. Two poster sessions, an interactive workshop on sustainability in the lab, and networking events rounded out the program. All participants were able to present and discuss their projects at the poster session, allowing everyone to get feedback on their unique project.

In summary, the Summer School was a great event where we could all get to know each other better, exchange information and discuss methods so that we could all take something away for our everyday life in the lab.


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