Gender equality

Women in our SFB/TRR219

Within our consortium, female researchers are represented on different levels of project preparation,

scientific management as well as in the scientific partnership as scientific project leaders, with currently 26% of women among the principal investigators and with 7 of 17 projects (41%) headed or co-headed by a female leader.

Since the resulting percentage of male and female leaders is still unbalanced at this stage, we will take all possible measures to further elevate the percentage of female researchers in our consortium.


Specific measures to promote gender equality

  • Female Advisory Mentoring Panel” to offer advice to female doctoral students aiming for an academic career

  • Mentoring courses for female scientists offering a range of workshops and seminars focusing on the participation of women in academia by strategically promoting the career development of excellent female doctoral, postdoctoral and habilitating scientists through professional coaching

  • Research management courses and networking.

  • Financial support to facilitate research careers of female investigators and young families

  • Flexible and family-friendly work schedules, part-time employment and support for returning to work after maternity leave, to facilitate the balance of work and family


Laboratory support for Pregnant Women

Babysitter during Business trips 



Julia Möllmann

Equal opportunity session during winterschool:

Developing a research career – International trends & gender challenges

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Workshop Self-management, communication and assertiveness for MD/PdD students and postdocs during winterschool

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TANDEMpeerMED 2019-2020:

Eva Harlacher

Annika Himmelsbach

Andrea Büscher


EMBO course: Laboratory Leadership for Group Leaders:

Claudia Göttsch


Gender Symposium 2018 - organized by Prof Habel in cooperation with Prof Kiessling GRK and TRR219

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Translation of the Mentoring logbook into the English language

Commissioned by Univ.- Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Joachim Jankowski - Speaker for SFB/TRR219

In consultation with Frau Dr. Henrike Wolf, Speaker for  Career Development and Gender, Medical Faculty, RWTH Aachen

Gender Awareness by Frau Regina Brehm:

Univ.- Prof. Dr. med. Danilo Fliser

Univ.- Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Joachim Jankowski



Corinna Schulte

Sonja Djudjaj

Setti Orth-Alampour


EMBO course: Laboratory Leadership for Group Leaders:

Leticia Prates Roma

Dalia Alansary


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