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An electronic lab notebook (eLN) called eLabJournal was established in SFB/TRR219 to replace the traditional pen and paper notekeeping. Notably, the eLN not only replaces all handwritten notes but additionally holds research data linked to the respective experiments. The eLN system allows documentation in a project rather than person-oriented manner, i.e., projects can be developed and documented by multiple scientists working together.

Benefits of using eLabJournal

Centralised experiment data management

  • Choose from a wide range of segments to build detailed experiments

  • Easily find your data with advanced data search

  • Collaborate better with easy sharing and assigned permissions

  • Set event notifications to stay up to date

  • Easily export your files in PDF, HTML, XML, or JSON format

Intuitive user interface for life science

 An easy-to-use and easy-to-learn digital lab notebook explicitly designed for life science R&D

Increase interconnectivity across your ELN

Connect your data by uploading or externally linking any file to your experiment. Mobile App (Android & iOS) lets you add images directly​

Maximize customisation with eLab API & SDK

With access to the eLabJournal ELN software core functionality, you can fully customise your ELN with endless integrations to fit your lab’s specific needs

Integrate any software tool in your ELN

Extend the functionality of eLab by installing add-ons and integrations from eLab Marketplace

Designated Point of Contact

There is a designated point of contact readily available for any inquiries or assistance needed.

You can reach out to Michael Kreisel at for direct communication to address questions, seek clarification, or resolve any issues that may arise during your usage of the ELN.

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