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Research Data Management Plans

Research data management plans (DMPs) are essential for organizing and preserving research data, reducing the risk of loss or corruption. They promote transparency, reproducibility, and facilitate peer review. In our project, we utilized the web-based tool RDMO (Research Data Management Organiser) to create DMPs for all projects. A generic template, developed by Kseniia Dukkart in collaboration with the University Library, takes into account the specific IT-infrastructure of researchers and institutions.

Benefits of using RDMO Tool

Template "Life Sciences/Medicine (with UKA reference)"

One key benefit of the generic template is its ability to streamline the creation of tailored Data Management Plans by providing a standardized structure, ultimately saving researchers time and effort in the DMP development process.

Efficient Data Organization

An organizer helps streamline the organization of research data, ensuring that data files, documentation, and metadata are structured and stored systematically.

​Improved Collaboration

Collaborative features within the organizer facilitate seamless sharing and collaboration among team members, promoting efficient teamwork and knowledge exchange.

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