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Coscine is the research data management platform for your research project. Here your data will be FAIR – thanks to easy storage, description with metadata, sharing and archiving. Coscine is available to researchers from participating universities or with the help of an ORCID.

Benefits of using Coscine

Uncomplicated data access

Coscine integrates the Research Data Storage (RDS), an S3-compatible object storage and enables linking of other data sources to display all project-relevant research data at a glance

Intuitive user interface for life science

Collaborative projects require easy access to data for all project members. In Coscine, researchers from different institutions can access their data jointly and easily

Increase interconnectivity across your ELN

Connect your data by uploading or externally linking any file to your experiment. Mobile App (Android & iOS) lets you add images directly​

FAIR research data

Coscine makes your data “Findable, Accessible, Interoperable & Reusable”. From integrated metadata management to the automatic assignment of persistent identifiers - here your research data becomes FAIR


New project members get easy access to all relevant data sources, even if they work at a different institution


Research data is described with metadata. This facilitates later retrieval and makes the data FAIR

Diverse storage options

Users have various storage systems at their disposal: From GitLab, Linked Data to S3 Object Store - choose what suits you best!

Designated Point of Contact

There is a designated point of contact readily available for any inquiries or assistance needed.

You can reach out to me, Kseniia Dukkart at for direct communication to address questions, seek clarification, or resolve any issues that may arise during your usage of the ELN.

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