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SFB/TRR219 session @ DKG congress 2020

Our SFB/TRR219 consortium held a Symposium on „Organ interactions: heart-vessels-kidney“ at the yearly congress of the DGK 2020, taking place October 14-17, 2020 in Berlin. Dr. K. Schütt (C-07) presented her recent findings on CKD & coagulation, and the role of complement activation herein. Prof. W. Jahnen-Dechent (C-03) presented on the role of lipid-calcified particles in cardiovascular disease, whereas Prof. J. Floege (C-01) discussed vitamin K-dependent mechanisms of cardiovascular calcification. This was followed by a discussion of cardiac remodeling and fibrosis by Dr. C. Werner (M-06). Finally, Prof. V. Jankowski (S-03) discussed the role of post-translational modifications in cardiovascular disease. This session was chaired by Prof. J. Jankowski (C-04 and speaker of the SFB/TRR219) and Prof. M. Böhm (S-01, M-02).

Details of the Symposium are available online:


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