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4th workshop in Homburg, 01-02. October 2019

The 4th TRR219 Workshop took place in Homburg/Saar on the 1st and 2nd of October 2019. In lectures and practical sessions, TRR219 students from Aachen and Homburg extended their knowledge on the topics of cardiac cell histology and cellular immunofluorescence staining.

Dr. Andrey Kasakov (Group of PD. Dr. med. C. Werner) started the lecture with detailed insights into the basic principles of immunofluorescence stainings of cardiac tissue and cells and their use in cardiovascular research. The practical training included immunofluorescence–based staining technics. Dr. Simina Selejan (Working Group of Prof. Dr. med M. Böhm) presented theoretical and practical applications of basic principles of flourescence absorbed cell sorting (FACS) analysis, where the students learned in practical exercises “hands-on” how to perform FACS analysis on peripheral blood mononuclear cells. Dr. Mathias Hohl (Working Group of Prof. Dr. med M. Böhm) taught the students how to choose and use basic histological stainings to analyze arrhythmic substrates in the atrium and left ventricle of the failing rat heart. In the evening, the workshop participants let the day end in a nice round at the Homburger Hof.

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