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SFB/TRR219 symposium at the DGfN

10-13 October 2019

Members of our consortium organized a symposium at DGfN 2019 (, within recent research results of the SFB/TRR219 were presented to an international audience. Prof Floege (C-01/M-01) gave an overview about Vitamin K-dependent mechanisms of cardiovascular calcification in chronic kidney disease and Prof Boor (M-01/S-02) gave a lecture about the status quo of non-invasive molecular imaging. The relevance of neuro humoral activation in chronic kidney disease generating arrhythmogenic mediators in the atrium was the topic of Dr Hohl´s presentation. (M-02, S-02). Dr.Dr. Speer (C-08) reported about Lipoproteins and inflammation in CKD-associated vascular diseases. The symposium was chaired by Prof Jankowski (C-04; S-03) and Prof Floege (C-01/M-01).

Details of the Symposium are available online:


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