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Aachen Conference on Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes

On November 9-11, our SFB/TRR219 was actively involved in the Aachen Conference on Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes, with a focus on Translational research in cardiovascular disease:Molecular mechanisms and clinical implications”. On Friday, novel translational developments were discussed with both external speakers from the cardiovascular and cardiorenal field, as well as with internal speakers from our SFB/TRR219. On Saturday, SFB/TRR219 PIs Kramann, Van der Vorst and Goettsch presented on their novel findings in their SFB projects in a special SFB/TRR219-focussed session. A parallel clinical education session was organized for clinicians to discuss implementations in daily clinical practice.

Overall, the conference was highly visited and very informative for both basic researchers and clinicians active in the field of cardiovascular, renal and cardiorenal disease!


More details can be found in this program.

Hand-Out_Aachen Conference
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