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Award winners of the International CardioRenal Summer School 2022

During the International CardioRenal Summer School 2022, three of our colleagues received an “oral presentation award” or a “poster presentation award” !

Congratulations from the whole SFB/TRR219!

Oral presentation awards:

Dr. Julia Möllmann, RWTH Aachen & postdoc within SFB/TRR219

Chiara Favero, Madrid University

Sofia de la Puente-Secades, RWTH Aachen & PhD student within SFB/TRR219

Poster presentation awards:

Hubert Krukowski, University of Leuven, Belgium

Laura Giordano, University of Utrecht, the Netherlands

Maria Luisa M. Pierre, Saarland University & PhD student within SFB/TRR219

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