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Case discussion - the cardiorenal patient

May 23, 2023

We had another exciting SFB training event in a new format. We organized a discussion forum to provide more information on the clinical slide of view of a cardiorenal patient to foster the communication and interaction between basic and clinician scientists. This was the first time such a training style was used, and the feedback from our PhD students were amazing.

The interactive seminar was led by two SFB MD students (Philipp Martin and Felix Wolters, M04 and C02) and two physician scientists, Adelina Baleanu-Curaj (cardiology view) and Susanne Fleig (nephrology view). Philipp and Felix provide a brief introduction to the cardiorenal syndrome, focusing on clinical diagnosis and treatment of this complex syndrome, followed by insights into 'real' clinical practice treating cardiorenal patients from our physician scientists with a cardiology and nephrology perspective.

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