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Educational science day for 60 scholars by SFB/TRR219

Sept 28, 2023

Yesterday, our SFB/TRR219 organized an educational science day for 60 high-school scholars to teach them more about cardiorenal disease, by focussing on the interactions between the kidney and the heart.

The day started with an interactive lecture to introduce the topic, followed by four different workshops. Two workshops focussed on basic science in which scholars learned more about microscopy and organs, and in which they were thought how to use a pipette. Additionally, in two clinical workshops, the scholars learned more about Echocardiography of the heart and Electrocardiograms.

The day was concluded with a joint lunch and the exposition of large impressive models of the heart, kidney and vessels.

All in all, a very successful day in which our SFB/TRR219 could share our passion for cardiorenal research with the future generation.


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