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SFB/TRR219 Annual Meeting 2020 with Cardiorenal Winter School

5-7 February 2020, Seeheim-Jugendheim

On Friday 7 February 2020, the Annual Meeting of the Transregional Collaborative Research Center TRR219 took place in Seeheim-Jugenheim. This was preceeded by a Cardiorenal Winter School of the graduate school SFB TRR 219 IRTG as joint initiative with the international Marie-Curie ITNs CaReSyAn and INTRICARE. In this Cardiorenal Winter School, our postdoctoral researchers and doctoral students once again proved the importance of research-driven knowledge. In competitive poster presentations and "Rapid fire presentation" they gave a well-founded overview of their projects, their goals and project results.

Both presentations and posters reflected the high scientific quality of the work and made the jury's decision difficult. Our photo shows the two winners of the poster award (Robert Dzhanaev & Bilal Mir) and the two winners of the "Rapid fire presentation" (Ana Amaya & Maryam Amini) together with the spokespersons (Joachim Jankowski, Danilo Fliser) of the two locations of our SFB/TRR 219. Congratulations to the winners!

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