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SFB/TRR219 session @ DKG congress 2020 in Mannheim: postponed due to COVID-19

Our SFB/TRR219 consortium scheduled a symposium on „Molecular mechanisms of cardiovascular disease in patients with chronic kidney disease“ at the yearly congress of the DGK 2020, originally planned 15-18 April 2020 in Mannheim. Talks were foreseen by Prof. L. Roma (M-05; oxidative stress in myocardial infarction), Prof. R. Kramann (C-05; adventitial progenitor cell recruitment in vascular calcification), Prof. J. Jankowski (C-04; inhibitors in vascular calcification), Prof. B. Niemeyer (C-09; IL1a in cardiovascular complications in CKD) and Prof. N. Marx (M-05; atherosclerosis and cardiovascular remodeling).

However, due to the global COVID-19 pandemics, this meeting was cancelled, postponing also research updates from our SFB/TRR219 to a later time point.

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