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Translational efforts from SFB/TRR219 speaker Prof. Jankowski awarded

The MI-TRAM consortium, consisting of Imec (Eindhoven, Leuven and Florida), RWTH Aachen (represented by Prof. Dr. Joachim Jankowski, speaker of our SFB/TRR219) as well as Utrecht University and its University Medical Center have been announced as one of the winners of the KidneyX prizes during the KidneyX Summit, live webcasted by the American Society for Nephrology and the US Department of Human Health Services. KidneyX is a public private partnership between the American Society of Nephrology and US Department of Health and Human Services, and awarded projects that develop new translational strategies to toxin removal and volume control in dialysis patients. A first interview with the coordinators of MI-TRAM is available through Healthcare IT News (magazine web page:

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