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Gideon Schaefer receives Otto-Hess-Promotionspreis

Gideon Schaefer, a medical student in the research group of Prof. Kramann and a member of the graduate school of the SFB/TRR219, was awarded the Otto-Hess-Promotionspreis from the German Society of Cardiology. With the award, the German Society of Cardiology supports experimental and clinical doctorates to inspire students of human medicine for clinical research and basic research in medicine.

Together with Dr. Hoeft and under the direction of Prof. Rafael Kramann, Gideon was able to identify a mechanism by which immune cells can influence fibroblasts and thus promote the development of fibrosis in the heart and kidneys. These findings offer the opportunity to identify new potential targets for developing antifibrotic drugs in renal and cardiac fibrosis.

Congratulation on this outstanding achievement!

v. l.: Prof. Dr. Stephan Baldus, Gideon Schäfer, Jan Philipp Schütte, Amelie Ziefer, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Hindricks (Bildnachweis: DGK/Thomas Hauss)


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