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Joint meeting of 14 German SFB research consortia & graduate schools

5-6 May 2022


Joint meeting of 14 German SFB research consortia & graduate schools focusing on kidney, heart and vessels:

With joint forces towards increased insights into underlying pathologies

On 5-6 May 2022, we joined forces with 14 SFB consortia focusing on kidney, heart and vessels on a first “Joint meeting of German SFB research consortia & graduate schools”, organized by our SFB/TRR219.

What followed were two intensive days of exchange and discussions to share expertise on scientific, technological and training level. This also included a lecture by Prof. Pavenstädt, the president of the German Society of Nephrology, and Prof. Baldus, the president of the German Society of Cardiology, about the importance of renal, respectively, cardiovascular research. Keynote lectures also included a lecture by:

· Dr. Jens Brandenburg , state secretary of the BMBF, presenting the vision of the BMBF towards medical research in Germany;

· Dr. Klaus Reinhardt, President of the "Bundesärztekammer", highlighting the importance of SFBs and continuous clinical education and specialization in the context of clinical practice;

· Dr. Suzanne Zittartz-Weber, head of the SFB department within the DFG. And we were very happy to hear that the DFG is highly positive on this meeting, especially welcoming our efforts to increase our scientific interactions, joint further development of SFB efforts, intensive focus on early career scientists through graduate schools and enhanced visibility. So we certainly take following message home: let us further team up in science, education and visibility!

· Isabelle Jordans, President of “Bundesverband Niere e.V.”, giving a very emotional insight into the experiences and needs of patients with chronic kidney disease

Finally, student representatives of all SFB joined to provide own great ideas towards increased networking and joint training initiatives, with the suggestion of a joint summer school with intensive science and methods exchange warmly welcomed by the participating PIs and organizers.

The joint meeting was closed with our SFB/TRR219 annual meeting, with a focus on poster presentations by our own postdocs and PhD students. Very happy to see that even despite the pandemics, cooperations have nicely continued over the past two years!

Let’s continue the same way together!

Please find here the full program.

SFB Meeting 2022-Programm
Download PDF • 821KB


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