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Medical students from our SFB219 organized a workshop on electrocardiography and sonography.

On a calm and radiant summer afternoon, a group of PhD students from SFB TRR219 opted for an unconventional but truly exceptional and beneficial way to spend their August evening. Jonas and Melina, two medical students affiliated with the SFB (project C-02) and AIXTRA medical skill center at RWTH Aachen, generously offered to familiarize PhD students with their daily work. The evening began with an engaging lecture by Jonas on echocardiography, providing in-depth knowledge about the technique and its implications. We then delved into a hands-on session of ECG writing, where Melina guided the students in interpreting the results. Additionally, Melina demonstrated a sonography device to showcase images of our internal organs, which was fascinating for those who had previously only learned about them in textbooks. All PhD students enjoyed and greatly appreciated this practical session and found it meaningful to be taught by medical students.

Camilla, Nicolas, Rosanna (P2P leadership team)


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