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Prof. Kramann receives the Wilhelm Vaillant Prize 2021

Prof. Rafael Kramann, head of the Institute for Experimental Internal Medicine and Systems Biology at RWTH Aachen University Hospital, has been awarded this year's Wilhelm Vaillant Prize for his pioneering research work.

The award, which is endowed with 20,000 euros, was presented on November 12 in Munich.

He has been able to unravel the cellular origin of fibrosis in the kidney, heart and bone marrow and identify several new therapeutic targets. Currently, he and his team are using this knowledge to develop new drugs for chronic heart and kidney failure.

This research work has now been recognized by the Wilhelm Vaillant Foundation.

Congratulations from our SFB/TRR219!!

Forschung im Bereich Organfibrose: Prof. Kramann erhält den Wilhelm Vaillant-Preis 2021

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