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Robert Mertens receives the Gotthard-Schettler-Prize from the DGAF

19-21 April 2018


Robert Mertens of the Cardiology Department, University of Aachen, received the Gotthard-Schettler-Prize at the 32nd Annual Meeting of the German Society for Atherosclerosis Research (DGAF)in Rauischholzhausen, Germany. This prize for the best ‘Young Scientist Oral Presentation’ was awarded for his excellent talk on “The incretin hormone GLP-2 is secreted from pancreatic alpha cells during acute inflammation through IL-6 and protects against septic cardiomyopathy and shock”.

Robert Mertens is cand. med. within the graduate school of the SFB/TRR219, supervised by PD Dr. Michael Lehrke.


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