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Summer School – PhD students perspective

The organization of a Summer School requires intensive preparation. When we start planning, we find ourselves in front of a huge to-do-list and we don’t know where to begin. But the more preliminary work is done, the better we feel when everything is going well.

The cardio-renal Summer School at Seeheim-Jugenheim was such an event. MD students, PhD-students and postdocs from different universities and international graduate schools (TRR219, CaReSyAn, INTRICARE and EURLIPIDS) had the great opportunity to inform themselves further about cardio-renal diseases and network with each other.

For us, participating in the organization of the Summer School was a real effective step in personal development since we have learned a lot about management of scientific events in self-administration. As attendees we experienced three days of interesting talks of speakers from diverse scientific background, with lively discussions. Furthermore, it was very enriching to get to know different point of views on science and to get the possibility to learn from the experience of PhDs, switching from university to industry.

The scientific pitches and poster presentations gave us the chance to get to learn about other related projects. During these three days we observed how people from different labs and universities were networking and discussing new ideas for their own projects. We are looking forward to the next joint Summer School.

Julia Wirth and Bilal Mir, PhD students


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