First TRR219 workshop, Joint event SFB/TRR219 & Marie-Curie ITN INTRICARE

March 06-08, 2018  Read more 


1st Cardiorenal Summer School, Joint Event SFB/TRR219 & Marie-Curie ITN CaReSyAn and INTRICARE & EURLIPIDS

23-25 August 2018 in Seeheim-Jugenheim  Read more


Second TRR219 workshop

Sep 03-07, 2018 in Aachen  Read more


Third TRR219 workshop

Oct 18-19, 2018 in Homburg  Read more



The Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG) “Cardiovascular complications in CKD” will create an interdisciplinary training program to guide the PhD students within the TRR219 to become the next generation of innovative, independent and translational cross-disciplinary researchers exploiting multiple facets of CVD in CKD. This comprehensive training program covers salient aspects of the pathophysiological mechanisms triggering CVD in CKD and will achieve full participation and integration of all PhD students in early career stages.


The program is personalized to the individual needs of the particular PhD student. Of note, the IRTG is embedded into the existing excellently structured PhD training program in Aachen and Homburg, respectively as well as international graduate schools. We will provide each PhD student

with the needed cross-disciplinary as well as complementary soft skills to perform efficiently in the

highly demanding translational research field. Further, the IRTG serves as a network base for the TRR219 to efficiently connect the topics, technology and methods between Aachen and Homburg.

Training program

Overview of the educational program in four modules:

(I) Research, (II) Secondment, (III) Hands-on skills, and (IV) Complementary skills.

PhD/MD students

TRR219-funded PhD/MD students

Associated PhD/MD students

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